On this page I would like to express my appreciation to those who kindly offered equipments for my own use. Totally unexpected generous offers reached me lately and I almost ran out of words. Below I would like to name these guys and their donations –  I promise to make a good use of them! I sincerely hope one day I will be able to be in a position to help out others too with equipment as well.


Achim Karpf – Apple MacBook Pro

We know each other from our USA times, we both lived, worked and spending our traineeship at Huntersville, North Carolina in 2004. Ever since we stayed friends, despite we only meet once since the US. So one day out of the blue he sent me his Apple MacBook Pro 2012 version (mint condition) from Switzerland. My previous computers were becoming old and sluggish. Then he offered me his previous work laptop as a support and appreciation for my work and passion toward astronomy/astrophotography. It left me totally blown away and since I do make an awesome use of it.
So thank you Achim, you actively contributed to my work and my success will be partially your success too!!



Martin Lewis – Venus filter

If you are involved in astrophotography, his name my ring the bell. He is a well-known astrophotographer mainly famous of his planetary and International Space Station photography. His Sky Inspector website is definitely worth visiting!
He just sent me one of his previously used Venus filters which allows me for the first time to capture the clouds of Venus. That is alone a very exciting aspect, with regular filters we can’t capture clouds on Venus, only a white disk or crescent (depending on its phase), but no details.
But now another exciting photographic opportunity has opened up for me, something I couldn’t do before and I can’t be thankful enough for Martin!