Have you ever wondered what International Space Station is?

For a long time I personally didn’t even know about its existence to be honest.... When I bought my very first telescope and started leaning toward astronomy photography, I bumped into photos of this weirdly looking object that looks like a Tie fighter from Star Wars – at least that’s what most people say. I did a quick research and almost immediately realised how cool this thing is. First I have downloaded an app which told me when the station will cross the evening/morning sky at what visual magnitude and how long the pass will last for. Later I found another app that showed me when and where I exactly need to be to see ISS travelling in front of certain celestial objects like Moon, Sun or planets. There’s an app for everything these days and I just find it mind-boggling! As I progressed with my purposefully chosen steep learning curve in astrophotography, I started paying more attention to ISS and how others actually take photos of it. But I always found it – well actually still find it - difficult to search the web for ground based amateur ISS photos or some kind of know how knowledge about how to take those amazing shots.

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On this website I share my experience about how I got here, what equipment I would recommend for manually tracked ISS imaging and you also find my photos and videos related to the subject. I will try to write proper explanation to all of my photos so this way others can hopefully learn from them too.

At Guide to find ISS menu you find all the tools I use to get the sufficient amount of information about over head passes, transits, satellite and cargo vehicle trackings, news about the International Space Station etc. (although this section is still under construction...)

Guest photos menu was created as well. One of the ideas behind this website is to create a page not only for my own ISS photos but photos from all over the world. I would encourage everyone who has been involved in this specific type of astrophotography to send your best shots. More info in Guest photos.

(background video from Waa Sop youtube channel - Soyuz spacecraft is approaching the Space Station)

Interested in imaging/observing the International Space Station? This an incredible and quite extensive article about the topic in Amateur Astrophotography Magazin, a must read! I've got a great mention alongside with other great ISS photographers too, you will find good guidance, photos, videos and animations as well. Snapping a shot of this marvellous object is more than possible, if someone has enough determination and enthisiasm. Link to the magazin below. But if you want to read this particular issue later, please look for issue 67!