In this page you will find photos of the International Space Station with SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft docked to it. All images are amateur ground based photos! If you have any photos of the current or previous Crew Dragon missions, please contact me on email address!

By clicking on the amateur ISS photographer’s name below, you can explore their work on their preferred social media channel (Instagram, website, etc.). If you like their amazing photos, please do check out those links!



Demo-1 mission


7th March 2019

Szabolcs Nagy

Enlarged comparison photo of ISS with docked SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-1 (left) and the spacecraft after undocking – screenshot from the live feed (right) – Szabolcs Nagy



Demo-2 mission



1st June 2020

Alexis Kwasinski

Two of my ISS images less than a minute apart from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Captured using a CPC 925 with manual guiding, a 2.5x Barlow and an ASI224MC  camera. Taken at 8:22 UTC (4:22 US EDT=Local time).


Antonio Vilchez


Csaba Torma

SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission ‘Endeavour’ spacecraft shortly after launch over Romania Date: 30.05.2020 Location: Romania    Equipment: SkyWatcher 200/1200 newtonian telescope, Zwo Asi 224 camera


David Hash

Last night’s images were taken with a Celestron EdgeHD 1100 + ASI290MM at prime focus, through a Astronomik 742nm IR pass filter. Full frame FOV is 7 x 4 arcmin, although everything you’re seeing here is cropped. Auto-tracked using a Celestron CGX and some home-brew tracking code. 1 ms exposures, and camera rolling at about 150 fps. Captured with SharpCap, frames extracted with SER Player, cropped/centered in PIPP, stacked with AutoStakkert!3 (15-30% keep rate), wavelet sharpening in RegiStax 6, then final adjustments in Lightroom.


Marty McGuire


Steve Mack

8″ zhumell dobsonian with 2x barlow lens. ZWO ASI290MC camera set at 0.505ms shutter speed and 390 gain. About 4 frames stacked in autostakkert, and wavelets sharpening in registax. 01.06.2020


2nd June 2020

Josh Palmer

This image was taken with my CPC 1100 (Manually Tracked) and ASI224MC using FireCapture. It is a stack of 31 frames.


10th June 2020

Anirudh S Thakar & Aditya Kinjawadekar

Now monsoon season in India, and hence the sky is almost always cloudy. But this evening there were intermittent low altitude clouds, and I felt the I could get at least some frames as it was too good a pass to be missed! Half an hour before the pass, it was drizzling a little bit, but the rain stopped. I quickly setup the scope, my friend, Aditya came over, and then suddenly, more clouds. Thunder and lightning! We thought this pass would be wasted. But at the minute of the pass (07.46 pm IST) the clouds thinned a little bit, and we could see the pass. So, we became satisfied! More so, when we learnt that the Dragon DM-2 is visible! All pictures were taken with the same equipment – 8 inch Dobsonian Telescope and ZWOASI120MC-S colour CMOS camera.


22nd June 2020

Scott Ferguson

Here’s my shot of DM-2 docked to ISS at sunrise. I tracked it using my open source software, though morning clouds confused the guide camera and the morning twilight kept me from locking onto the station until it hit about 30 degrees altitude over the horizon. This was my first time attempting to film a satellite with my Blackmagic camera, and the exposure speed ended up being slower than desired. You can still see the bright white DM-2 capsule docked to the forward PMA on ISS though. 6-22-2020 8″ Meade LX200 Classic @ f/20 (2x barlow) Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K, Florida, USA


24th June 2020

Mohammed Alabdulkareem


29th June 2020

David Hash

All imagery taken with a Celestron EdgeHD 1100. The ISS+Endeavour photos were taken in color with a ZWO ASI290MC + ZWO IR/UV cut filter, and the older b&w image from February is with a ZWO ASI290MM + ZWO IR/UV cut.


30th June 2020

Philip Smith

I imaged SpaceX Crew Dragon docked to ISS from my backyard Manorville NY USA 3:33am EST on 6-30-20 at Max 48°pass. Seeing was 3/5. I used an Edge HD 14″ telescope with an Astrodon Red filter on a ZWO ASI174MM (mono) camera and a Televue 1.8X barlow lens. ER Tracking software with modified EQ-G mount in and out.


7th July 2020

Szabolcs Nagy

International Space Station photographed from London. The second Crew Dragon spacecraft is nicely visible docked to the forward end of Harmony module. Note that also Canadarm 2 is visible on the animation – which I’m very happy too.
Equipment: Skywatcher 250/1200 Flextube dobson telescope, Zwo ASI224MC camera, TeleVue 2.5x powermate, Bahtinov mask


11th July 2020

Ricky Goodyear

After a failed attempt Friday night I got my first image on Saturday night of the ISS!!!

Equipment: Skywatcher 14” Dobsonian (f/11.6), ASI174MM (gain 240/shutter 0.75ms), Baader 685nm IR Pass filter. Flyby Details: Distance 428.8km, Angular Velocity 0.86°/sec, Altitude 60°, vis. mag -4.0  Location: Brisbane, Australia


12nd July

Szabolcs Nagy

Two Space Station flyby this morning, the second seems to be the better one. This is an animation from the best/sharpest frames. Note that there is a flaring on the truss section, I think that is the area where Cassidy and Behnken astronauts are working on replacing the old batteries to new ones.
Equipment: Skywatcher 250/1200 Flextube dobson telescope, Zwo ASI224MC camera, TeleVue 2.5x powermate, Bahtinov mask