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All of the products in my webshop is made by a german company called Spreadshirt. I have ordered T-shirts in the past for myself, I still have those after 4 years. The quality of the garment and the printing itself withstood the test of time and that is the main reason I eventually decided to use them for all products in this webshop.

(Despite my best effort I eventually couldn’t integrate Spreadshirt’s interface into my website the way I wanted, so to enter my shop please click on the Enter webshop button.)


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Please take a look at the list of garments and merchandise in the store, T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, cups, stickers and baseball caps with different designs. Some is designed by some of my friends from the space community and allowed me to use their artwork free of charge. 

With every sales you support this website, my youtube channel and all my activities related to astronomy, space travel and ISS photography.


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