Changes to Guest photos page


I have sorted out the incredible International Space Station photos I have received in these sub-pages for easier navigation.

ISS close up with scope
ISS close up with telephoto lens
ISS Transits
Chinese space station, Spacecrafts, Satellites
ISS long exposure photos
Spacecrafts, space station close up
SpaceX Crew Dragon missions



I would encourage everyone who has been involved in this specific type of astrophotography to send your best shots. Your photo must me close-up taken at high magnification, also solar/lunar transits are welcome too! If I had to define minimum requirements, it should be certain level of details that show the structure of the station.
If smaller elements also visible (like Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), Cupola, Leonardo module, Quest airlock etc. or berthed spacecrafts like the russian Progress and Soyuz (Roscosmos), Dragon (SpaceX), Cygnus (Northrop Grumman – former Orbital ATK ), japanese HTV (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency or JAXA) – that’s even better!

Also I will extend the type of photographs I accept here to wide angle composite photos, as long as they show an ISS or cargo spacecraft flyby with very scenic background…. so the categories I accept photos are the above mentioned categories.

Also your post should contain UT time, date, equipment, flyby details and write in brief about how you took the shot.

Please send your photos to email address. The photos are arranged by alphabetic order of the imagers.
(Can’t guarantee though that all the photos I’ll receive will be uploaded)

So far these amazing photographers shared their amazing photos with the website

Andreas Hauf, Anthony Mangino, Andrew McCarthy, Antonio Vilchez, Christian Fröschlin, Cirrusmoon, Christopher Becke, Denis Huber, Ethan Roberts, Graham Cluer, Grant Petersen, György Soponyai, Ian Griffin, István Csabai, Martin Lewis, Olivér Nagy, Monika Landy-Gyebnár, Péter Agárdi, Péter Szalai, Philip Smith, Ralf Vandebergh, Rich Addis, Roger Hutchinson, Róbert Attila Horváth Hozé, Sage Grey, Tom Gwilym, Tomasz Ubański, Tom Jones, Zsolt Fejes