SpaceX Starlink satellites over London


I was in Hungary when the whole Starlink project started and missed those few days when they were closely together. But I wanted to give it a try from London, despite the great light pollution. The flyby predictions were from Heavens Above, but since they keep changing their position in the sky it was not surprising they appeared 4-5 minutes later. They were not visible to naked eye, I only spotted them through my finderscope. I kept looking to the predicted area, slightly below Arcturus, was already giving it up when a Starlink satellite suddenly crossed my finderscope’s field of view. So I started recording and had to keep moving the scope upwards with the mount’s hand controller toward Arcturus (that is the reason why 2 or 3 satellites seems wobbly or not travelling in a straight line path).
Because the satellites were not following exactly the same path, instead drifting “upwards”. And they kept coming and coming! I get it, why the amateur astronomy community is so upset, they are bright. Not naked eye bright, definitely not from London, but they will be on images for sure!

The 23 Starlink satellite appeared between 21:46:08.00 UT and 21:48:33.00 UT from South-West London. The times mark when each satellite entered my field of view.
They did not appear this close to each other, this is an edited version of the original footage!

Predictions from Heavens Above


Skywatcher 72/420 ED Apo refractor telescope
Skywatcher Allview mount
Zwo ASI 224 MC colour camera




A few minutes before ISS with docked Crew Dragon flew over London I have noticed a tumbling satellite with quite amount of flare effect, occasionally as bright as ISS. So I started shooting and this was the best frame. In July 2019 this doomed Telkom-3 satellite will make a few real close approach to Earth, at some point being as close as less than 300km. So I’m hoping to do a better run on this interesting object.


Skywatcher 250/1200 Flextube dobsonian telescope
Eq platform
Zwo ASI 224 MC colour camera
TeleVue 2.5x powermate