I find it deeply sad that people do not know about the International Space Station or simply doubt the existence of it, which was built under the largest international technological cooperation in human history. This awe-inspiring space station is orbiting Earth 16 times a day and it can be seen, observed and even photographed from most parts of the globe.

I decided to dedicate large amount of my time to this topic, namely how to take manually tracked photos of the ISS. But I have a daytime job – driving a taxi in London – so my time is very limited. But I just launched my Patreon website and I will be seeking your help to keep me going. I chose Patreon, because I do not only ask for money. I would love to give some value in return. This website has plenty of information already, but for the real enthusiasts and for the curious I have some surprise. I spilt the support you can choose to two options.
The first one is called “Insider“. I will be making extra footages, behind scenes type of videos to give you a better understanding about how I prepare for these events.
The second one is called “ISS enthusiast” m which is basically the Insider, but I will be organising a live chat where my followers (patrons) can ask me any questions about the subject. and I will be giving my utter best to answer them all!

I finally finished my very first tutorial related to my latest successful imaging session, namely “Full house on the Space Station“. In this tutorial I will give you some advises how I create my ISS photos from raw video captures.

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