Mike Read

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ISS flying over Corsley, Wiltshire in the UK at 11:36pm on the evening of the 19th July 2019. I used a Canon 90D and Sigma 150-600 lens hand held. Being fortunate to have several bright ISS passes within 90 mins of each other gave me inspiration to try again with the camera. Looking back on my previous settings, I was able to reduce the exposure to get a little more detail.

Quick technical details, I focused on Arcturus first, then switched the lens to manual and used stabilisation mode to 1. ISO 1600, f/6.3 at 600mm and between 1/800sec to 1/1000sec. All the pictures were hand held.


Peter Howlett

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All the images are taken with on a Nikon D500 with 500mm f4+1.4x converter. The resulting image is edited to reduce highlights and cropped to about 500px I then enlarge in Photoshop using the preserve details option to 1500px.