POSTPONED – My next talk about the International Space Station (6th April 2020)

During this one hour talk I will introduce you to the greatest technological achievement of the entire human race – the International Space Station (ISS). We did not only go to space, but we learned how to live and survive up there too.

The Space Station does a full orbit around Earth every 92 minutes, travels at a speed of 27.800 kph (17.100 mph), orbits our planet 15.5 times a day and most of the world’s population can observe it. On a clear evening there is nothing more mesmerising experience than to lay back and watch the ISS flying over London, a quiet but extremely bright “star” – knowing that there are dedicated people up there doing cutting edge scientific researches for the benefit of all humankind.

West of London Astronomical Society (WOLAS)
Christ Church, Redford Way, Uxbridge

Date and Time
Monday, 6th April 2020
at 20:00