Andreas Hauf, Anirudh Thakar, Antonio Vilchez, Christian Fröschlin, Christopher Becke, Csaba Torma, Dana Weisbrot, David Hash, Ethan Roberts, Grant Petersen, Istvan Csabai, Josh Palmer, Kunitoshi Shimizu, Martin Lewis, Michael Tzukran, Olivér Nagy, Péter Agárdi, Philip Smith, Ralf  Vandebergh, Rich Addis, Róbert Attila Horváth Hozé, Sage Gray, Tom Gwilym

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Andreas Hauf

(Andreas’s Instagram profile – automated tracking with capable mount )


Anirudh Thakar

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Antonio Vilchez

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ISS 2018 09 23 1910UT APM ED-APO 152 f/7.9 @f16 zwo183mm Green filter


Christian Fröschlin

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Christopher Becke

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Csaba Torma

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Dana Weisbrot

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David Hash

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Ethan Roberts

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Grant Petersen

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Istvan Csabai


Josh Palmer

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Kunitoshi Shimizu

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Date/Time : 2020/8/26 18:54 (UT)   Location : Nagano Japan    Equipment: 12″ Newtonian (F4), x5 barlow,  Takahashi JP equator,   ZWO ASI385MC, 1msec, gain 280, 60fps, 136frames stacked, custom made satellite tracking software

Flyby detail : elevation 69.5 deg, mag -3.1, range 446Km     Other: seeing was not so good and a little bit cloudy

2020/5/17 10:50 UTC, 8″ newtonian(F6), x1.3 corrector, x3 barrow,  ASI385MC (1msec gain 290), 500frames, AS!3, registax 6



Martin Lewis

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Michael Tzukran

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The video was capture from Israel with a 10 micron 2000 hps ii and a c14 hd, camera 290mm Zwo with a longpass 610nm filter.

Date: 18/11/2020    Time: 17:30 – 17:36

International Space Station with Resilience Crew Dragon spacecraft
Elevation: 73º
gear: c14 +gm2000 hps upgrated + barlow +extender +174mm asi
date: 19/12/2020    hour: 05:48       location: israel – tel aviv university

Equipment: Upgraded C14 with Zwo174mm cool + GM2000 for upgraded + longpass filter   Max. elevation: 79 deg pass, mag -3.8   Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel   Date: 08.01.2021


Olivér Nagy

(Olivér’s Flickr profile )


Péter Agárdi

Péter sent me these amazing shot of ISS (first one is my favourite). These are his words:

It was more than ten years ago I got into astrophotography, but with many of my hobbies, they come and go from time to time. I still have the same telescope I bought in around 2004 which is a Skywatcher 114/900 on an EQ2 mount.

First off one of my more advanced setup I got a very old digital camera a Casio QV3500 for the repurpose to astrophotography meaning removing all the lenses to get it into direct focus. I chose this model because I knew it has full manual modes to shoot with (not just the auto crap that was used around that time) AND the thread to put teleconverters or such. This comes into play later.

This is my last useful attempt so far.
With this setup (Skywatcher 114/900 + Canon 600D) I use the following parameters:

Shooting FullHD cropped (using only the FullHD sized area of the sensor) video with ISO 800 and around 1/1000 shutter speed. White balance set to Sunlight. No filters or barlow used.


Philip Smith

(Philip’s Facebook profile, Youtube channel – automated tracking with capable mount )


Ralf  Vandebergh

(Ralf’s website, also his Twitter profile)

Rich Addis

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Róbert Attila Horváth Hozé

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Sage Gray

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Tom Gwilym

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All photos were taken mostly with high overhead passes of at least 50+ degrees above horizon to the zenith toward the southern sky. Hand guiding a fork/wedge mounted scope to the northern was just not practical when polar aligned in my observatory.
Photos taken from Renton, WA – just to the SE of downtown Seattle.
Camera: Vesta Pro webcam
Gain: about 45 to 50%
Brightness: 50%
Shutter speed: 1/500 second
Software (at the time!) I was using K3CCDTools to capture video.
AVI2BMP – used to sort the frames and save the good pictures as a .bmp file