Feb 2

After a long break ISS imaging again

Last time I had appropriate weather during ISS bright flybys over London was last year 7th December, when I got luck with the station and the SpaceX Dragon CRS-16 cargo mission en route to ISS. I usually do not expect miracles during winter months, but such a long period of break is simply painful. But this week the spell finally broke and I had two opportunities within two days. The first opportunity on the 28th January and the second on the 30th. On the first picture you can see which spacecrafts currently docked/berthed to the International Space Station. I could identify all of them on my photos, especially the Soyuz MS-11 is a great catch!


28th January

This is the prediction from Heavens Above website, which always gives accurate forecast for the upcoming ISS flybys.

This is the time lapse from that evening, real bright but slightly low elevation flyby with some surprise. (double click on video for full size)

And the photos in better resolution. Weather was not awesome – clear but turbulent air, but this pass was still the better one in terms of recognisable details.

30th January

The flyby forecast for the evening was more promising than two days ago, this time with a much higher elevation.

Time lapse video was also taken about the preparations and the actual imaging. I was accompanied with a few neighbours and my flatmate! (double click on video for full size)

And also the photos in higher resolution….


Skywatcher 250/1200 Flextube dobson telescope
Zwo ASI224MC camera
TeleVue 2.5x powermate

28/01/2019 and 30/01/2019

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