Jan 30

ISS Lunar Transit from Peterborough

I was travelling from South London to Peterborough (yes quite a distance) to capture the event. Weather looked promising, but we don’t take good weather forecast for granted in astrophotography… especially not in the UK!
I took both of my scopes (5″ maksutov and a 10″ dobson) and I was only hoping to come home with something useful. The actual photos (above and below) of Moon and ISS were taken with the maksutov scope and a planetary camera. I used the dobson with my Canon 600D dslr and it didn’t work out the way I wanted to (the footage is in the video below).

Video 1: the live broadcast of the event (bilingual hungarian-english)

Video 2: a video summary of the results

This is a composite photo!

ISS apparent size during transit: 56.5″
ISS distance during transit: 489.3 km

SW 127/1500 maksutov
Zwo ASI224MC
0.5x reducer (cheap one)


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