Sep 6

ISS composite photo near Venus at daytime

Today was a hectic day. Early morning imaging was completely ruined by the arrival of unexpected clouds. The planned 8:57am ISS transit seemed to be in jeopardy. But I still did hit the road Рand surprise surprise, clouds disappeared and suddenly I was good to go. Was only hoping to get something nice out of this event, eventually the result is more pleasing than previously expected.
The 127 maksutov has 1500mm of focal length which makes it a powerful tool. But I was not able to park up exactly on the centreline and did not want to miss ISS by not having wide enough field of view. So I chose a more conservative approach, namely applying a 0.5x focal reducer and basically half the focal length.
Totally blew my mind, how much details can be seen on ISS. Note that this shot was taken at 8:57am – broad daylight!

Video I took during the event (I warn you too much excitement involved!)

Skywatcher 250/1200 Flextube dobson
Zwo ASI120MM + Zwo Red filter


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