Apr 3

Progress MS-07 or 68P flying solo

On that night I was about to have my coolest evening. The International Space Station and two cargo vehicles (first SpaceX Dragon then the Progress MS-07) were about to cross the evening sky. Sadly unexpected clouds prevented me from taking photos of the ISS and Dragon, but it perfectly cleared up for the Progress MS-07 over head pass. It reached its maximum elevation of 83° near zenith, distance from me was around 440-460km.

I made a comparison picture as well. You will see the ISS (from 8th Dec. 2017) with another Progress MS-06 or 67P docked to the Zvezda module.


Skywatcher 250/1200 Flextube dobson scope
Zwo ASI224MC camera
TeleVue 2.5x powermate
Manual tracking


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