Dec 7

SpaceX Dragon CRS-16 cargo spacecraft close up shot

(click on photos and animations for full screen view) Right now as I am writing this post, the rendezvous of SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft just began. It is now approaching slowly the International Space Station getting closer to Canadarm, which is a robotic arm that will grapple the vessel and will eventually move to the […]

Nov 16

International Space Station – 20th anniversary

Brief story of the event On the 20th November 1998 Roscosmos launched the Zarya module, the first element of the International Space Station. A few days later on the 4th December NASA launched the Unity module and the Space Shuttle crew connected the two main part of the station. I think the rest is history. […]

Nov 8

ISS with Canadarm at bad weather conditions

Absolutely dreadful weather in London these days, I missed most of the morning passes sadly. Only had one clear morning when I could go out, do the setup and give imaging a go. Sky was clear, but the seeing did not allow me to take as detailed photos as I wanted. The japanese HTV-7 Kounotori […]

Oct 29

ISS Lunar transit – test of my new 72/420 ED refractor

A wonderful autumn morning with a promising International Space Station (ISS) lunar transit prediction. During the transit Moon was at an elevation of a bit over 39° above horizon, the predicted distance was 624.7 km from my location and visual magnitude of ISS was -3.5. Not extremely ideal, but close enough to have a decent result […]

Oct 3

ISS – imaging under splendid evening sky

Since the amazing last week chasing the International Space Station and the approaching and eventually arriving japanese HTV-7 Kounotori (White Stork) cargo vessel, I have been waiting for the right evening to capture a real good shot of ISS. I managed to take a shot just before and after berthing to ISS, but that was […]

Sep 27

ISS – before and after the arrival of HTV-7

This past few days were educational! After all the misery about when HTV-7 will be visible  a day before berthing, luckily I caught a nice frame of the cargo vessel which made my whole year! The day after I had clear skies in London once again, was hesitating for a while if I should go […]

Sep 26

ISS – HTV-7 flying solo closely following the station

What a wonderful few days behind us ISS fans! (click on photos to fit screen) In these moments when I am writing these lines, HTV-7 is only a few metres of a distance from ISS and its robotic arm called Canadarm. It will grab HTV and move to Harmony module. We have all been desperately […]

Sep 14

ISS – only a day away from HTV-7 launch

This morning I was only hours away from the launch of JAXA’s cargo spacecraft called HTV-7 – launch is at 9:59pm BST tonight. I was struggling with weather conditions lately in London, somehow every morning sky was cloudy or I did not have time to do imaging due work. HTV-7 supposed to fly on Monday […]

Sep 7

ISS – two days of test at 4800mm

Since my first few attempts at 4800mm of focal length back in Hungary I simply could not wait for the next ISS flyby season from London. It finally began lately and had two mornings in a row with clear sky. The first was on the 6th September when the maximum elevation of ISS was 79°. […]

Jul 22

ISS – experimental 4800mm of focal length first light

Although I live in London, sometimes I visit my home country Hungary for short holidays. This summer my 10″ dobson telescope was coming with me too, mainly because I desperately wanted to try out imaging the ISS under mostly calmer and clearer hungarian sky. Usually I use a TeleVue 2.5x powermate and recently had the […]

Jul 21

ISS – taken at the Geberjen Astrofest in Hungary

Back home in Hungary we’ve organised a public event where people could come over and take a look through out telescopes. Besides observing planets and certain deep space objects we saw the ISS crossing the night sky silently.Whilst the spectators were observing ISS with naked eye, I’ve tried to take a decent photo of it.It […]

Jul 2

SpaceX Dragon CRS-15 before berthing

ISS and SpaceX Dragon CRS-15 few hours before docking SpaceX’s Falcon-9 rocket and the 15th Dragon cargo vehicle has been launched on 29th June 2018. The target date for Dragon capture by Canadarm-2 was 2nd July. Although we didn’t have evening passes at this time, instead there was a predicted solar transit of the International […]

Jun 2

International Space Station and Soyuz MS-08 at far side

Spacecraft on the far side of ISS – namely the Soyuz MS-08. Wait up, what??!! Spacecraft on the “far side” of the station?  Yes…. but let’s start from the beginning. Every ISS flyby photography begins with a bit of reading. I take a look at the predictions (which you can find in Guide to find ISS […]

May 30

International Space Station 2 passes with Cygnus OA-9

Real clear sky welcomed the two forecasted ISS passes for that evening. The first was less ideal, the result was okey but not great. This is the best frame from that first pass. The second pass of the evening had a maximum altitude of 55°. I was out on my balcony so I missed a […]

May 14

Soyuz MS-07 berthed to ISS two weeks before return

Uninterrupted clear morning sky at last, no racing with clouds at this time around. Very rare occasion, when a Soyuz spacecraft – namely this time MS-07 – is so nicely illuminated, that you can see its solar panels too! On the photo below I’ve marked the spot where one can see the Soyuz. Soyuz MS-07 […]

Apr 3

Progress MS-07 or 68P flying solo

  On that night I was about to have my coolest evening. The International Space Station and two cargo vehicles (first SpaceX Dragon then the Progress MS-07) were about to cross the evening sky. Sadly unexpected clouds prevented me from taking photos of the ISS and Dragon, but it perfectly cleared up for the Progress […]

Feb 8

ISS bright flyby – planetary camera and fisheye lens

Have you ever wondered what does it look like watching the International Space Station silently crossing the evening sky? I normally use this camera equipment for close-up photos. But this evening weather was way too unpredictable, so I put my ASI224MC planetary camera with a 150° wide angle lens on a tripod, grabbed my laptop […]

Jan 30

ISS Lunar Transit from Peterborough

I was travelling from South London to Peterborough (yes quite a distance) to capture the event. Weather looked promising, but we don’t take good weather forecast for granted in astrophotography… especially not in the UK! I took both of my scopes (5″ maksutov and a 10″ dobson) and I was only hoping to come home […]

Dec 12

ISS minutes before imaging Cygnus OA-8 flying solo

The highlight of the evening was definitely the Cygnus cargo vehicle flyby, but I paid attention to the usual ISS imaging too. ISS came first and the flyby served as a test. The camera settings are the same that I have been using since discovering the correct values by experimenting. Once I saw the raw […]

Dec 12

S.S. Gene Cernan – Orbital ATK Cygnus OA-8 flying solo

I have been only dreaming about taking an image of Cygnus OA-8 since it departed form the International Space Station on 6th of December. This morning (11th December) I have never imagined this will happen tonight as it was snowing till about 1pm in London. But satellite pictures showed that it might clear up so […]

Sep 12

Cosmic comparison – Mercury, Venus and ISS

It was a very early start today with a few tasks in my head that I wanted to accomplish – mainly planetary related. Now I can say it was a relatively successful session, I did everything what I have planned and the final results very pretty good too. At least I am satisfied with it. […]

Sep 6

ISS composite photo near Venus at daytime

Today was a hectic day. Early morning imaging was completely ruined by the arrival of unexpected clouds. The planned 8:57am ISS transit seemed to be in jeopardy. But I still did hit the road – and surprise surprise, clouds disappeared and suddenly I was good to go. Was only hoping to get something nice out of […]

Jun 2

ISS – Farewell to Thomas Pesquet and Oleg Novitskiy

This is a very special post for many reasons. I’ve been imaging the International Space Station for years now and it usually takes time to get used to the new astronauts – at least to me. Thomas Pesquet is one of the really cool ones in my opinion, he was heavily involved in science (just […]

May 25

ISS Two days close-up marathon with Jupiter taming

According to my blog post form back then: First of all I must begin with the fact, that 2017 was a disappointing year so far in terms ISS close up imaging. Whenever I had time and had bright overhead passes, weather treated me poorly, never really helping me to achieve my plans. Especially now, when […]

Feb 5

ISS – HTV-6 still berthed to ISS and gone

  Weather was bad, I mean unpredictable, miserable and most importantly cloudy. Cloud movement made it impossible to predict if it will be clear or not during the flyby. But I really could not care more, I had so little amount of opportunities back then due bad weather I had to go for it. Here […]

Jan 25

ISS Saturn transit from Gran Canaria

When I arrived to Las Palmas I already knew about a wonderful composite photo taken by a german astrophotographer (see the related articles at the bottom of this post). The shot was amazing, real professional work I must say. During my stay on the island internet was not something I often used. Purely because I […]

Jan 13

ISS with a tiny 3.5″ maksutov telescope

  A curious story comes with these photos I took on 13th January 2016. At first look there was something unusual happening on these ISS frames. Somehow one of the eight Solar Array Wings shone brighter than the others. I did not really understand on that evening what was exactly going on. Next day I […]